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	Information for the interested party, pursuant to and for the purposes of EU Regulation no. 679/2016, 
	Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, Nr. 196
	and subsequent amendments to the Code of Ethics and Privacy
	This information is compliant with the legislation on the processing and protection of personal data, therefore, 
	it is pursuant to the purposes of EU Regulation Nr. 679/2016 (commonly known as GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation), 
	of Legislative Decree Nr. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments, and the Code of Ethics and Privacy.
	By completing the registration procedure, the Users/Data Subjects/Clients voluntarily communicate to JAM COMMUNICATION S.R.L. 
	(hereinafter 'JAM COMMUNICATION'), which is the Data Controller, their personal data to the following Websites:
	- www.jamcommunication.it
	- www.jamcommunication.com
	The processing of information about the Website users will be based on the principles of correctness, 
	lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality and rights. 
	Such data must be kept in a form that allows the identification of the Data Subjects (pseudonym, encryption) for the time strictly necessary for the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed; 
	such purposes must be specific, explicit and legitimate, in addition, also the subsequent processing of the data must be compatible with said purposes.
	The data required must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary with respect to the purposes for which they are processed (“data minimization”), 
	as well as accurate and, if necessary, updated. All reasonable steps must be taken to promptly erase or rectify inaccurate data, 
	with respect to the purposes for which they are processed (“accuracy”).


	The Data Controller is JAM COMMUNICATION S.r.l. (VAT Nr: 04842600480) with registered office in 1 Via Del Tiratoio - c/o Nana Bianca, Florence, Italy.
	The email address of the Data Controller is: info@jamcommunication.it
	​The data processing will pursue the purposes pertinent to the specific mandate conferred, furthermore, 
	it is aimed at the correct and complete execution of the following tasks: to conceive and design advertising campaigns, brand identities, 
	creative concepts, art directions, photo shootings, video clips, web designing, social media adverts, graphic designing. 
	The data entered will be processed in such a way as to allow contact by telephone, SMS and email, to acquire further personal data (even sensitive) 
	necessary to evaluate the requirements necessary for the delivery of the service.
	Should the user express his/her consent either upon activation of the service or at later stages and until revocation,
	 their data may be processed by JAM COMMUNICATION for the purpose of sending communications of advertising, commercial and promotional nature, 
	 as well as for purposes related to direct sales, market research on products, services and events (hereinafter collectively referred to as 'marketing activities')
	  organized by JAM COMMUNICATION for the purpose of direct or indirect sale of goods and/or services, as well as for sending market research and surveys.
	The personal data collected are processed to allow the users to access the services provided by the portal/application/software.
	These data will also be processed to fulfill obligations connected to tax and accounting purposes, 
	and to comply with the obligations incumbent on the Data Controller - provided for by current legislation.

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	Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679, the data processing carried out must always have a legal basis.
	The data processing is necessary for the execution of pre-contractual measures or contractual obligations.
	Without consent to the purposes of the processing, the provision of services will be impossible.
	The data will not be disseminated, however, if necessary, they may be communicated to Third Parties/Partners for the provision of services, 
	as well as to subjects who carry out, on behalf of JAM COMMUNICATION, tasks of a technical, 
	professional or organizational nature considered instrumental in the provision of the requested services.
	In order to allow such external companies to provide the services/goods necessary for the service purchased by the Website users, 
	JAM COMMUNICATION must communicate the user's personal data to such Third Parties/Partners.
	The personal data of the user will be transmitted to such companies only to allow the provision of the requested services.
	JAM COMMUNICATION currently collaborates with Third Parties/Partners who will receive the data of users in relation to the provision of specific services.
	Categories of recipients of personal data:

	Media and marketing agencies;
	Modelling agencies;
	Web agencies;
	Make-up artists
	Video makers
	Graphic designers;
	Photo studios;
	Social networks;
	Search engines.

	The data will be communicated to Third Parties/Partners, such as consultants, 
	internal and external collaborators and other professionals (possibly unregistered with their respective professional associations), 
	or to social security, welfare, insurance and credit institutions, as well as to the bodies tasked with managing the financial administration of the State, 
	but also to any authorized body, such as police forces, judicial officers, local authorities, public economic and non-economic bodies. 
	Such communications will always comply with provisions of the law (both established by contracts or legislative bodies). 
	Such communications may also involve consultancy companies in the form of certifying bodies, for the purpose of acquiring pertaining certifications (privacy, sanitary or safety).
	The subjects who process data on behalf of JAM COMMUNICATION have been authorized by the Data Processors in writing.


	The personal data concerning the users will be stored by JAM COMMUNICATION in accordance with EU Regulation Nr. 679/2016, 
	Legislative Decree Nr. 196 dated 30 June 2003, as amended, and the Code of Ethics and Privacy, 
	for the time strictly necessary to allow the execution of the purposes for which they were collected.
	In particular, the personal data concerning the user/client will be stored and processed only as long as the user is an “active client” of JAM COMMUNICATION. 
	Should the user request cancellation of such “active client” state, JAM COMMUNICATION undertakes to rectify and delete the user's personal data, 
	within a reasonable period and in compliance with the law.
	In compliance with the principles of proportionality and necessity, 
	personal data will be stored in a form that allows identification of the data subjects for a period of time that does not exceed the achievement of the purposes for which they are processed, 
	i.e. taking into account:

	- the need to continue retaining the personal data collected to offer the services agreed with the user or to protect the legitimate interest of the Data Controller, 
	as described in the aforementioned purposes;

	- the existence of specific regulatory obligations (code legislation, anti-money laundering legislation, legislation on investment services, 
	legislation on tax monitoring, etc.) or contractual obligations that render the processing and storing of certain data necessary for certain periods of time.


	The User may, at any time, exercise the rights pursuant to and for the purposes of EU Regulation Nr. 679/2016, Legislative Decree dated 30 June 2003, 
	Nr. 196 and subsequent amendments, Code of Ethics and Privacy, including revocation of consent, access to personal data and their rectification or cancellation, 
	limitation or opposition to said processing, as well as the right to data portability. 
	To exercise the aforementioned rights, users need to send an email to the Data Controller at: info@jamcommunication.it


	The data provided for the proper performance of the activity requested may also be of a sensitive/particular nature.
	The processing of sensitive/particular data must occur only in special cases, 
	including those in which the data subject has given his/her explicit consent to the processing of such data for one or more specific purposes. 
	Please note that such consent may be revoked at any time.
	Sensitive/specific data: personal data that may reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, 
	or membership to union trade unions, as well as the processing of genetic or biometric data intended to uniquely identify a natural person,
	 or data concerning the health of an individual or his/her sexual life or sexual orientation.


	The communication of data, also concerning sensitive/particular data, is a contractual obligation; 
	being a requirement of the contract it is necessary for its conclusion and for the consequent provision of the requested services; 
	failure to provide such data may lead to inability to provide some services.


	The personal data sent to our services through the registration procedures are processed by JAM COMMUNICATION 
	with mainly automated tools and for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.
	The Data Controller adopts specific security measures to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access.
	Personal data are recorded and stored on electronic databases owned by the Data Controller and stored on servers within the territory of EU countries,
	 in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.
	Personal data are processed by JAM COMMUNICATION  through its representatives, which are tasked with the management of the Website and marketing activities.
	Personal data may be brought to the attention of employees or collaborators of the Marketing Office of JAM COMMUNICATION  who, 
	operating under the direct authority of the Data Controller, are appointed as data processors or put in charge of processing such data,
	 in compliance with the purposes of EU Regulation Nr. 679/2016, Legislative Decree dated 30 June 2003, Nr. 196 and subsequent amendments and the Code of Ethics Privacy. 
	 Such employees and collaborators will receive appropriate operating instructions in this regard; 
	 the Data Controller and the Data Processor will do the same with all appointed figures, i.e. employees or collaborators of JAM COMMUNICATION.
	In accordance with the current legislation, the user must express consent for the processing of data by ticking the box 'I Consent to the Processing of my Data' in the appropriate registration form.
	It is understood that consent refers to the processing of data except for those that are strictly necessary for the operations and services requested by the user at the time of consent; 
	in these case, such consent is not necessary.
	After completing the registration necessary to access the requested service, 
	if the user intends to request/use additional services provided by JAM COMMUNICATION or by other partner companies or, 
	in any case, entities controlled or connected to JAM COMMUNICATION, he/she may use the credentials (username/email/ password) already used for the initial registration.
	Where necessary, additional data may be requested for the provision of additional services the user may request.
	At any time, the user can review the information and modify the consents previously provided, 
	as well as verify and/or change the status of the active services, and possibly request additional services.
	The provision of data is optional, except for those cases indicated as mandatory, as in such cases the data are necessary to allow the provision of services.
	The processing for marketing purposes will take carried with traditional tools (mail) and through the use of remote communication techniques, 
	such as telephone (even without an operator), email, MMS and SMS.
	The provision of data for this purpose is optional and the processing requires the consent of the client.
	The consent is given to the sending of commercial and promotional communication through automated instruments pursuant to and for the purposes of EU Regulation Nr. 679/2016, 
	Legislative Decree dated 30 June 2003, Nr. 196 and subsequent amendments and the Code of Ethics and Privacy.
	Commercial information concerning products and promotional initiatives may be communicated by postal mail, e-mail or SMS.
	We use the information we hold firstly to improve our advertising and performance systems so that we can show you relevant listings within and outside our Services, 
	and secondly to measure the effectiveness and coverage of listings and services.
	JAM COMMUNICATION may still process the aforementioned data in an aggregated form - in compliance with the measures prescribed 
	by the Privacy Guarantor and by virtue of the specific exemption from the consent provided by the same Authority - for analyses and electronic processing 
	(e.g.: classification of the entire clientele into homogeneous categories by level of services, consumption, expenditure, etc.). 

	This is aimed at: 
	- periodically monitoring the development and economic performance of JAM COMMUNICATION activities;
	- directing the related industrial and commercial processes; 
	- improving services; 
	- designing and implementing commercial communication campaigns.

	JAM COMMUNICATION will also use personal data for administrative and accounting purposes, as well as for the execution of contractual obligations; 
	the fulfillment of such obligations may require your data to be sent to subsidiaries or associated companies.
	Pursuant to and for the purposes of EU Regulation Nr. 679/2016, of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, Nr. 196 and subsequent amendments and of the Code of Ethics for Privacy, 
	your e-mail address may be used also for direct sales of products or services similar to those already purchased by the user/customer.


	We collect identifying data and sensitive/particular data necessary for the provision of our services and to offer better services to all our users.
	All the details of each type of data are provided in the relevant sections of this privacy policy, or in pop-ups displayed before the data is collected.
	Personal data may be freely provided by the User or, in the case of Usage Data, collected automatically during the use of this Website.


	Unless otherwise specified, all the data requested by this Website is mandatory. If the User refuses to communicate them, 
	it may be impossible for this Website to provide the Service.
	Should this Website indicate certain data as optional, Users are free to refrain from sending them without incurring negative 
	effects on the availability or functioning of the services.
	Users with queries about which types of data are mandatory will be asked to contact the Data Controller.
	Any use of Cookies - or other tracking tools - provided by this Website or by third-party service providers used by this Website, 
	unless otherwise specified, are intended to provide the service requested by the User, in addition to the additional purposes described in this document and in the Cookie Policy (if available).
	The user is fully responsible for the Personal data of third parties published or shared through this Website, furthermore, 
	he/she guarantees that he/she has the right to disclose or disseminate them, freeing the Controller from any liability to third parties.


	We inform you that if you believe your rights have been violated by the Data Controller and/or by a third party, 
	you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data and/or other competent control authority in relation to the GDPR.


	Should personal data that can be categorized as “identifying” and “particular” be provided by the data subject to a Data Controller other than JAM COMMUNICATION 
	(namely coming from sources accessible to the public, for example, public lists to which anyone can have access), 
	in addition to the information described above and upon request made by the interested party by email at info@jamcommunication.it, 
	JAM COMMUNICATION will communicate the source of the personal data.


	The personal data released by the Data Subjects will be processed at the registered office of the Data Controller.
	They may also be processed at the legal and/or operational offices of Third Parties/Partners, consulting companies, 
	private companies and professionals appointed within the limits and according to the aforementioned purposes.


	Upon request by the client and in addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, 
	this Website may provide the User with additional and contextual information regarding specific Services or the collection and processing of personal data.
	Further information in relation to the processing of personal data may be requested at any time by the Data Controller, using the aforementioned contact details.


	For operational and maintenance reasons, this Website and any third-party services used by it may collect system logs, 
	which are files that record interactions and may contain personal data, such as the IP address of the user.


	This Website does not support 'Do Not Track' requests.
	To find out whether any third-party services used support such requests, 
	Users are invited to consult the relevant privacy policies.


	JAM COMMUNICATION reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy in whole or in part, or simply to update its content 
	(e.g. as a result of changes to the applicable legislation).
	JAM COMMUNICATION will publish any updates to this Privacy Policy on this Website. 
	You are kindly invited to check both of them regularly, as this will allow you to learn more about your rights.