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Jam Communication is a communication agency with a professional yet “empathic” approach. Their main goal is to “sell” emotions, but they also like to take good care of their clients, helping them with every practical need.

LORENZO MILLO, Director of Promosienarezzo
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Pamela Salvato and the Jam Communication team have always proved to be the ideal business partners: professional, efficient and extremely creative. The elegance, attention to detail and passion they put into their work make them special!

REBECCA TESTI, Marketing Director
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In my professional career, I had the privilege of working with top professionals. Pamela Salvato and Jam Communication are among the very best. The passion and dedication they put into their work go hand in hand with their professionalism. They have become a must for us!

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Jam Communication has always cared deeply about our needs, providing answers and solutions to any request, as well as excellent results and unparalleled quality. Pamela and her team have become key and irreplaceable business partners in the development of the international advertising campaign of Antigel. Seth Godin says: “People don’t buy products and services, but relationships, stories and a little magic. When professionalism, creativity, punctuality and reliability make the difference, collaborations can last decades, which is exactly what happened between us and Jam Communication

ANNA CORA, Creative Director
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The goal of the Vivi Oro project was to promote a project and an idea, not just a product! Jam Communication accepted this challenge, creating a very exciting campaign, all thanks to Pamela and her staff. They were all very professional and creative! Working with you was a pleasure!

GABRIELLA GABRIELLI, Confindustria Toscana Sud - Assoservizi srl
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Which characteristics do you consider essential in a collaborator? Professionalism, reliability, empathy? Jam Communication is a perfect example of this concept: a quality business partner that is always available and aligned with our business objectives. They always have great answers to our needs, which they truly understand and satisfy, with professionalism and creativity

ELISA FAVILLI, Marketing Director
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Our company needs articulated communication. We have been working with Jam Communication for years and they always find the right answer to our needs. Jam perfectly combines creative ideas with professional execution, adding value and providing quality services. A great partner.

ANTONIO MORETTI, General Services Manager
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If what Henry Ford said is true - “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” - I can say that working with Jam Communication, which means working with people who are truly passionate, creative and emphatic, is our success. Thanks to Pamela, we have always fully achieved our goals. A collaboration with plenty of communication at all levels - from business to “human” - as well as creativity and originality: the perfect mix for a successful collaboration. One of the best agencies in Florence, capable of offering the “extra human touch”. They know how to take good care of their clients, understanding and respecting their identity

ALESSANDRO GENSINI, Marketing Director
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The ideal companion in a project is the one who listens to what you can't express, guides you when you lose your direction by bringing you back on your path, presses you when needed, is patient when you need time. Jam Communication is an ideal companion.

ANDREA NERI, Il Nutrimento
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It is true what they say Pamela looks for that light in the eyes and until she finds it, she goes on and on without stopping. It is not easy to find people who will listen to you, understand your needs and wishes and make you dream. With Pamela and the JAM Communication team, we dreamt and realised what we wished for. Thank you Pamela and thank you all the staff for the attention and passion you put into our project.

ASLI UGUR, Mktg & Communication Manager
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It was the first time I had ever taken part in a shooting, and I didn't really know where to start, how to act as a model, how to pose, where to look and what expression to use to achieve the set goals. Thanks to the fantastic team and the teachings of art director Pamela Salvato, I came out of this experience with an education as well as a great photo shoot. I recommend everyone to work with JAM because thanks to the great passion and professionalism with which the team's work is approached, even the most complex service will turn out to be pure fun!

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